Church of God in Christ
Pastor Robert A. DeShay, Sr. & First Lady Wanda DeShay
Senior Pastor Bishop John I. Little & Supervisor ViCurtis E. Little


The Greater Deliverance Christian Center Church of God in Christ is the progressive result
of the vision given by God to the Senior Pastor and Founder, Dr. John I. Little and the commitment of the
faithful few.  The congregation began in February 1960 with only three members.  It was through faith
and prayer that we have continued thus far.

Worship began at 14th and P Streets, N.W., Washington in a rented building with the
small group.  The congregation grew and purchased its first piece of property at 806 F
Street, N.E., which was a house that the congregation converted into a place of worship.  
In 1966 the adjoining property was purchased to enlarge the sanctuary.

In 1976 ground breaking was held at 325 55th Street, N.E., for a new building which was completed in
1978.  This building, set on fire by persons unknown, was a total loss.  The congregation continued to
worship in hotels and Masonic halls until we were able to lease our present quarters.  After leasing for
approximately 2 years we purchased said building.  It was at this time, because of our new hope and
anticipation, we changed our name from Deliverance Church of God In Christ to Greater Deliverance
Christian Center Church of God In Christ.

We are worshipping at 441 Chaplin Street, S.E. where we have invested large sums to
make it a house where God is worshipped and glorified.  Most of the labor came from the members
of the congregation.

The Greater Deliverance Christian Center Church of God In Christ views itself as one of the
component parts of the church that Jesus talked about “Upon this rock I will build
my church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.”  The powers of darkness
have sought unrelentingly to prevail against us but: “having therefore obtained help from
God we have continued to this day.”

We see ourselves as indispensable based on our calling and commitment to be a soul saving station,
a place where true worship takes place, a place where the truth of the
gospel is preached and taught, a place where the blind can be made to see, the lame can
throw away their crutches, where the captives will be set free.

Our future plans call for a combination school and day-care center that the present facilities
can easily accommodate.

We, with the help of God, intend to keep the faith and the doors open to accept all
people as those whom God can bring to the sense of wholeness by way of the Holy Ghost.

The Senior Pastor and Founder, Dr. John I. Little has received training and holds a
B.S. in Education from the University of the District of Columbia, Master of Education
(Adult Education) from Howard University, a M. Div. and D. Min. from Howard
University.  He has been actively engaged in ministry since 1950.

It is the prayer and desire that as this congregation continues to write its history in
the future we will be able to include the church’s extension plan as God sends those who
help us to forge ahead to become more effective in the work of the Master.