Bishop John Irvin Little also known as the “Preacher Man” is one of the
most anointed preachers of the gospel in this country.  He extrapolates
the word of God like no other.  He was born to the late Mr. and Mrs.
Herbert and Harriet Little of Waterbury, Connecticut.  His loving parents
were dedicated to their four children.  However, his mother was a great
influence on his spiritual life.  He was a member of the First Church of
God in Christ COGIC under the pastorate of the late Bishop Harrison
Richardson where he was ordained in 1953.  After the death of Bishop
Richardson, Louvernal McDaniel assumed the pastorate and the church
was renamed Richardson Memorial COGIC.

In 1960, Bishop Little moved to Washington, D.C. and founded Deliverance COGIC, which was later renamed
Greater Deliverance Christian Center COGIC.  He is married to a wonderful and devoted wife, ViCurtis Coles Little,
Pastor of Greater Deliverance COGIC and Jurisdictional Supervisor of Washington, DC for the COGIC.

Bishop Little’s formal education began while living in the New England area, where he attended Eastern Nazarene
College, Harvard University and Boston State Teachers’ College.  Upon relocation to the District of Columbia he
received his Master of Divinity from Howard University School of Religion along with his Doctor of Ministry in
1963; Bishop Little received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Education from the District of Columbia Teachers’
College.  In 1976, he received his Master of Education. Bishop later received his Ph.D. in Theology and Philosophy
from the International Seminary in Orlando, Florida. Bishop has ministered to many denominations domestically
and abroad.

Bishop Little has always been unconventional in his thinking.  He displayed this by “digging out” his own church.  
He built the Deliverance COGIC ministry from the ground spiritually and then physically.  His first church was a
rented walk up at 14th & P Streets NW, where he set up the sanctuary himself and put a loud speaker in the
window.  He sang, prayed and preached until God sent the members.  His melodious voice combined with the
anointed word of God drew people of many backgrounds.  Everything he accomplished in life and in ministry was
by faith.  He teaches a faith ministry.  Faith is what he lives by.  His personal motto is to “Expect a lot from God.”  
He is an anointed, well educated, unpretentiousness minister of the Gospel and he does it with class.  Today,
Greater Deliverance is a well established Christian ministry in the District of Columbia.  Because of this great man’s
faith and loyalty to God he has been instrumental in teaching many men and women of God the dynamics of
shepherding a well rounded congregation.  As a result of his instruction many men and women have followed his
example in ministry.

As an accomplished musician he plays the piano, organ and guitar.  Bishop Little also established the first
Jurisdictional COGIC Choir of the District of Columbia.  He was a faithful and loyal member of the DC Jurisdiction
under the leadership of Bishop Samuel Kelsey.  He traveled with the Bishop throughout the country and abroad.  He
assisted Bishop Kelsey in music ministry and the spoken word.  Bishop Little is featured on an album recorded by
Bishop Kelsey and the Temple COGIC as the “Joy Bells lecture preaching from Exodus the 3rd chapter.    

He has done weekly broadcasts on WYCB, WABS, WUST and WOL radio stations.  He also has been seen on CBS
Television. Bishop Little’s accomplishments are numerous.  Under his leadership, the Greater Deliverance Church
built a 1.4 million-dollar apartment complex for low-income tenants in the 70’s.  The complex was named
The Samuel Kelsey Garden Apartments, and was located in NW Washington, D.C.  

From 1988 to 1995, Bishop Little served as an Adjunct Professor at the University of the District of Columbia where
he taught Grief Psychology.  Bishop Little was one of the 40 scholars selected from across the nation to serve on the
Committee for Reconciliation.  This committee generated discussions on how black and white Pentecostal
Churches can reconcile past differences.

Bishop Little served as the Assistant Commissioner of Chaplains under the leadership of the late Bishop Ithiel
Clemmons and under Bishop Martin Luther Johnson.  In this capacity, he has ministered throughout the United
States, Korea and Germany.

Bishop Little was consecrated as Bishop in 2000 and also served as the Commissioner of Chaplains for the Armed
Forces and Institutional Chaplaincy Jurisdiction of the Church of God in Christ.   He retired from his position as
Superintendent of the New Dimensions District of the Washington, D.C. Jurisdiction of the Church of God in Christ
after serving in this capacity for 14 years.  He is senior pastor of the Greater Deliverance Christian Center.

For more than 56 years Bishop John Irvin Little has served in Christian ministry.  He has encouraged men, women
both old and young to experience life to the fullest and above all love God with all your heart.  

Bishop Little has written The Woof and Warp of Praise, W.O.W of Praise and A Profile of Black of preaching.  
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"The Preacher Man"
Church of God in Christ
Pastor Robert A. DeShay, Sr. & First Lady Wanda DeShay
Senior Pastor Bishop John I. Little & Supervisor ViCurtis E. Little