During the earlier years of our church the music department was organized with a handful of
youth enticed with the promise of ice cream and cake by Evangelist Ida Blaine in exchange for their
voices on Sunday mornings to sing praises of God. This sounded like a good bargain and so began
the Greater Deliverance Church of God In Christ music department. At that time Pastor John Little
& Evangelist ViCurtis Little was our organist, pianist and director. The 5 of us sang our little hearts out.
Over the years as the church grew the music department grew as well. Positions changed and music
ministries were birthed.  Under the leadership of Elder Robert Deshay, Sr. the Lord has blessed us to have
4 choir ministries which are the John I. Little Chorale, the ViCurtis Youth Chorale, the Men’s Choir and
the Joint Choir. Also apart of the music department is the Perfected Praise dance ministry, and the Broken
Vessels mime ministry, Stomps of Praise, Drama ministry and the media center.


Pastor Robert DeShay, Sr. - Organist
Royce Bouknight - Bass Guitar
Robert DeShay, Jr. - Drums
Paul Parks - Drums
James Cunningham - Drums



                                                    Pastor Robert A. DeShay, Sr.
        J.I.L. Chorale
        V.E.L. Chorale
        Men's Choir
        Praise Team
        Broken Vessels Mime
        Perfected Praise Liturgical Dance
        Stomps of Praise Step Team                                                                                              
        Drama Ministry                                                                                                                     
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        Media Center
J.I.L. CHORALE                                                                         V.E.L. CHORALE
Renee Davis                                                                                                 Tamika Jackson
Lady Wanda DeShay                                                                                Elder Eric Bradford
April Quarles                                                                                               Michael Allen
D. M. Maria Bass
Elder Eric Bradford
Leslie Landrum                                                                                         Pastor Robert DeShay, Sr.      

MEDIA DEPARTMENT                                                                           BROKEN VESSELS MIME
April Quarles                                                                                              Leslie Landrum
Bobby Medlin                                                                                             
Charles Reed
Princess Rollins                                                                                    
Krystal Nelson                                                                                      
Church of God in Christ
Pastor Robert A. DeShay, Sr. & First Lady Wanda DeShay
Senior Pastor Bishop John I. Little & Supervisor ViCurtis E. Little